• We are your
    Learning Partner!!.

    Edlytica helps you in discovering yourself, setting your goals and achieving them
    with the help of skill development and mentorship.

  • The DiscoverME assessment tool helps you
    identify your true potential

    Our qualified team of counsellors supports you through
    self-discovery and prepares you for success.

  • Our Skill Development stream offers online
    courses for your professional development

    Taught by industry leaders and offer unique learning experiences
    that will help you ace your professional journey.

  • We help you connect with relevant mentors
    so that you can network, learn and grow.

    Learners have access to a pool of mentors for professional guidance on our portal.
    Learners can book an appointment with the mentors for a
    one-on-one and group session in addition to our course groups and forums.

What we Offer

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  • All platform support
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Highly scalable
  • Compatible with eLearning
  • Flexible bespoke pricing
  • Automated administration
  • Parent Mobile App
  • Customised reporting

How we are helping

A customised system

Edlytica empowers learners to identify their skill and navigate to their own success via counselling, mentorship and skilled courses.

Helping institutions to grow

Access to a portal which tracks your journey and creates a profile based on your learning. It will also provide you limited free access to all services.

We understand your child

Centrality of every learner as a genius is our core belief.. We collect, analyse and integrate data trails from learners to help them identify their areas of strengths and work on their weaknesses.

Connecting all stakeholders

Subscription Based model to be your learning partners, providing you relevant opportunities and guidance to help you settle in your success story.

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Career Counselling

Assessment Tool

Edlytica’s Assessment tool helps youth identify their natural talent through holistic behavioral testing methods which can lead to better decisions academically & professionally. Our tool helps you make an informed decision in light of your own strengths which will put you on a path of success from the first day. This assessment tool can help youth as young as 15 year olds in determining their passion and dreams.

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DiscoverMe is a personalized career counselling service that focuses on helping you identify your natural talent and help you pick a career path which is most favorable. This program includes a holistic personality assessment which is specifically designed for Pakistani youth by professionals in highlighting their strengths and weaknesses so that each kid directs their efforts to a purposeful life. DiscoverMe believes that every kid is born with a unique talent which,if harnessed, can allow them to become a helpful unit to community while leading a purposeful life themselves. Our process consists of 3 simple steps:

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Edlytica believes that courses should come with tangible outcomes recognized by the industry. Our Skill Based Courses are taught by Industry Experts(worldwide) with measurable deliverables.

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Flagship Investment Readiness Program is designed to help startups which are beyond product testing stage in developing crucial company documents required to qualify for an investment round.

Pakistani startups have raised $244 million alone in 2021; Your startup can be next Join our Investment Readiness Bootcamp now

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